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NowKeyboard for Android

A quick way to search Google through text, instead of slowly opening Google Now/Assistant. Replaces your shortcut to Google Now/Assistant.

How to enable after installing:

Android 4.1-5.1.1: Swipe up from the home button (or long press menu button on Samsung), and tap NowKeyboard, then Always.
Android 6.0+: Select it in Settings -> Apps -> Gear icon -> Default apps -> Assist

Spotify Connect App Mod for Android

A modified version of the Fire TV Spotify Connect app that works on all devices, and appears as a speaker rather than a TV.
Turns an old tablet or phone into a wireless speaker!

This app has several bugs, including:


An app that enables use of Nova Launcher on Amazon tablets, which is blocked by Amazon, via an exploit I discovered.

Another user made a much improved version; please use it instead.

iOS Jailbreak