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UnQuarantine for Mac

Adds a shortcut in the Services section of the right click menu to remove the "quarantine" attribute from downloaded files, which causes an alert when they are opened, and sometimes a very long delay.

How to use:

Extract the zip file and open the resulting file. Automator will prompt you to install it.
Then you can right click any file, folder, or selection of files, and select Services -> UnQuarantine to remove the "quarantine" attribute from it.

NowKeyboard for Android

A quick way to search Google through text, instead of slowly opening Google Now/Assistant. Replaces your shortcut to Google Now/Assistant.

How to enable after installing:

Android 4.1-5.1.1: Swipe up from the home button (or long press menu button on Samsung), and tap NowKeyboard, then Always.
Android 6.0+: Select it in Settings -> Apps -> Gear icon -> Default apps -> Assist

Spotify Connect App Mod for Android

A modified version of the Fire TV Spotify Connect app that works on all devices, and appears as a speaker rather than a TV.
Turns an old tablet or phone into a wireless speaker!

This app has several missing features, including:


An app that enables use of Nova Launcher on Amazon tablets, which is blocked by Amazon, via an exploit I discovered.

Another user made a much improved version; please use it instead.

OLPC Activities

When I was younger, I made several programs (known as "activities") for the One Laptop Per Child XO laptop.

iOS Jailbreak