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2020-05-18: Updated ClearDownloadLog to v1.2.2, fixing support for OS X 10.5 and 10.6 and fixing an issue where an unneeded file would be created if the database did not exist.

2020-05-07: Updated NowKeyboard to v1.0.3 to add support for unofficial Google Now ports on Android 4.0-4.0.4 and disable the creation of unnecessary app backup data.

2020-04-14: Released Firefox Legacy 52 for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, finally bringing a modern browsing experience to older Macs.

2020-04-12: Updated ClearDownloadLog to v1.2, further decreasing the size and adding support for OS X version 10.5 and newer. including PowerPC CPUs.

2020-04-03: Updated ProxyDNS to v1.0.4 to fix compilation with newer GCC versions, and make the Raspberry Pi image boot again (sorry).

2020-04-03: Updated ClearDownloadLog to v1.1, rewritten in native C code, and with an app icon.

2020-04-02: Updated NoBetaAlert to v1.4.3, verified to work on iOS 13.x (no code changes).

2020-03-18: Released ClearDownloadLog (on the More page).

2020-03-16: Updated NowKeyboard to v1.0.2 to fix small issues on modern Android versions.

2020-03-14: Updated Globalize to v0.3.2 to completely fix the Safe Mode crash issue on iOS 13 and all A12 devices.

2020-03-07: Updated Globalize to v0.3 to attempt to fix crashes on iOS 13 and all A12 devices.

2020-02-24: Added a PayPal donation link to the About page.

2020-02-15: Released the Tweet Number Checker web app (on the More page).