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2022-11-10: Discontinued development of ClearDownloadLog because it appears to be unnecessary on macOS 13; in my testing macOS doesn't persistently log the URLs of downloaded files anymore.

2021-12-27: Updated FindATree to fix an issue where the app could freeze when pressing the back button, add support for devices with very tall screens such as foldable phones, and update the link to my website in the about dialog to use HTTPS.

2021-12-23: Released final versions of all NexPostFacto editions incorporating bug fixes and small improvements.

2021-05-15: Discontinued Firefox Legacy because a better alternative (Chromium Legacy) exists. See the Firefox Legacy page for more information.

2021-10-13: Updated the iPhone 4 CDMA GPS fix to avoid errors when Python 3 is installed as "python".

2021-05-15: Discontinued some of my software because better alternatives exist.

2021-03-29: Added a section to the Firefox Legacy page noting that the official Firefox language packs are supported and explaining how to install them.

2021-02-15: Updated the iPhone 4 CDMA GPS fix to fix Apple Silicon support.

2021-02-14: Updated the iPhone 4 CDMA GPS fix to add untested support for Apple Silicon Macs.

2021-02-10: Updated ProxyDNS to v1.0.6 to further optimize the code, make it C89 compliant for maximum portability, and update the Raspberry Pi kernel and firmware.

2021-01-24: Updated Firefox Legacy for OS X 10.7 to v68.12.0p3, enabling support for numerous newer web standards. This should improve compatibility with many websites.

2020-12-16: Updated ClearDownloadLog to v1.3.2, fixing an issue where the icon was blank on older macOS versions.

2020-11-10: Updated ClearDownloadLog to v1.3.1, adding a new icon which matches the design of macOS Big Sur.

2020-10-08: Updated ProxyDNS to v1.0.5 to optimize the code and add support for proxying larger DNSSEC packets.

2020-09-19: Updated the iPhone 4 CDMA GPS fix to work on macOS Big Sur.

2020-09-15: Updated Firefox Legacy for OS X 10.8 to v71.0p2, fixing an issue where a missing function in OS X 10.8 could cause it to crash, although no crashes were reported.

2020-09-11: Updated Firefox Legacy for OS X 10.7 to v68.12.0p2, fixing an issue where a missing function in OS X 10.7 caused it to crash on launch for some users.

2020-08-28: Uploaded Original Siri Voice, an old tweak I made to restore the original, robotic Siri voice on iOS 7-9, to my Cydia repository.

2020-08-27: Updated Firefox Legacy for OS X 10.8 to Firefox 71.0, and fixed several bugs.

2020-08-27: Updated Firefox Legacy for OS X 10.7 to Firefox ESR 68.12.0, and fixed several bugs.

2020-08-24: Released NexPostFacto for OS X 10.5, which enables hardware OpenGL acceleration, as well as DVD playback, on unsupported Macs with ATI Rage GPUs running OS X 10.5 Leopard.

2020-08-09: Updated UnQuarantine to v1.2.1, fixing an issue where the dialog box would appear behind other windows on older macOS versions.

2020-07-31: Deprecated my macOS Big Sur Patcher due to the existence of newer, more complete patchers.

2020-07-12: Updated NexPostFacto to fix graphics acceleration on the 64-bit 10.8 patcher.

2020-07-09: Updated my macOS Big Sur Patcher again to fix patching beta 2.

2020-07-08: Updated my macOS Big Sur Patcher to support beta 2.

2020-06-29: Released NexPostFacto, a collection of tools to run newer OS versions on Macs that don't officially support them.

2020-06-27: Released my macOS Big Sur Patcher for unsupported 2012-2013 Macs.

2020-06-27: Updated ClearDownloadLog to v1.3, fixing a privacy issue where deleted data could remain visible in the database file.

2020-06-27: Updated UnQuarantine to v1.2, improving the UI and fixing a bug where incorrect handling of symbolic links caused unnecessary password prompts.

2020-05-18: Updated ClearDownloadLog to v1.2.2, fixing support for OS X 10.5 and 10.6 and fixing an issue where an unneeded file would be created if the database did not exist.

2020-04-14: Released Firefox Legacy 52 for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, finally bringing a modern browsing experience to older Macs.

2020-04-12: Updated ClearDownloadLog to v1.2, further decreasing the size and adding support for OS X version 10.5 and newer, including PowerPC CPUs.

2020-04-03: Updated ProxyDNS to v1.0.4 to fix compilation with newer GCC versions, and make the Raspberry Pi image boot again.

2020-04-03: Updated ClearDownloadLog to v1.1, rewritten in native C code, and with an app icon.

2020-04-02: Updated NoBetaAlert to v1.4.3, verified to work on iOS 13.x (no code changes).

2020-03-18: Released ClearDownloadLog (on the More page).

2020-03-14: Updated Globalize to v0.3.2 to completely fix the Safe Mode crash issue on iOS 13 and all A12 devices.

2020-03-07: Updated Globalize to v0.3 to attempt to fix crashes on iOS 13 and all A12 devices.