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NexPostFacto for OS X 10.9 on Unsupported Macs (ATI X1xxx GPUs only)

Current version: 1.0b7.1 (2021-12-23)


NexPostFacto 10.9 (64-Bit Kernel, ATI GPUs)
The world's first program to install OS X 10.9 with working GPU drivers on officially unsupported Macs!

Supported Macs
iMac4,1 (if CPU upgraded to Core 2 Duo)
MacBookPro2,1 2,2
Xserve1,1 2,1
MacPro1,1 2,1 (with X1900 XT)

For a video walkthrough, click here. Thanks to Tech for PC & Mac. The video shows the 10.8 32-bit kernel version, but the same steps apply to this version.

Format an 8GB+ USB, or hard drive partition, as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
Extract the zip and open Terminal. cd to the directory created
Run: ./oipatch.sh /path/to/Install\ OS\ X\ Mavericks.app /Volumes/USBOrPartitionNameHere
You MUST select Y to erase the partition or the script will not work!
IMPORTANT: This script does not work if run on an already created installer USB, or if your installer is very small and does not contain the full operating system. It only works on the full, multi-gigabyte installer app.

Boot from the USB or partition and install the OS normally.

AFTER all OS AND security updates, install the mavlegacygfx.pkg that was copied onto the installer drive. If you accidentally install it before doing updates, the Finder will not open!

Caveats compared to normal 10.9
Photo Booth lags
Find my Mac and FileVault do not work because they require a recovery partition. Legacy FileVault works if you upgraded from 10.7 or older.
Spotify has graphical glitches making it unusable if hardware acceleration is enabled (disable it in the menu)
When you minimize some windows which use hardware acceleration such as web browsers, yellow blocks will appear during the minimize animation
Mission Control shows garbage pixels instead of window previews
Overlays of hardware accelerated video (like YouTube controls) flicker rapidly
Some blur effects (such as in the menu bar and popup windows) have been replaced with translucency

User reports (unverified):

Boot Camp Assistant crashes in 10.8 64-bit kernel mode on a 2006 MacBook Pro; this may also affect 10.9 and other computers.
A user reported issues with saving edited images in Preview (the resulting image was blank once reopened). This is likely related to the window preview issues.
Aperture 3.4.5 fails to start, giving a graphics error. This could be because it assumes newer OS X versions support OpenGL 3, which is not true in this case. When updated to 3.5, Aperture does start and it works totally fine, minus the 'faces' feature, which shows garbled graphics instead of faces.
GarageBand 10 and iMovie 10 do not work; they require a new OpenGL version and crash on start up.

MacPostFactor for the idea (but none of the code)
lexploitdev for inventing the name
tiamo for boot.efi (3-clause BSD license); it has been combined with Apple's 64-bit boot.efi in a fat binary
666sheep and tobyg for the PikeYoseFix script that replaces boot.efi automatically after updates, upon which I based /Library/Application Support/ParrotGeek Software/copyboot.sh
All the testers (see the About app for credits)