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NexPostFacto for OS X 10.8 on Unsupported Macs (64-bit kernel, ATI X1xxx GPUs only)

Current version: 1.0.1 (2020-07-12)


NexPostFacto 64-Bit ATI 10.8
A nearly bugless alternative to MacPostFactor, remade from scratch with careful testing and a "less is more" patching philosophy.

Supported Macs
iMac4,1 (if CPU upgraded to Core 2 Duo)
MacBookPro2,1 2,2
Xserve1,1 2,1
MacPro1,1 2,1 (with X1900 XT)

Format an 8GB+ USB, or hard drive partition, as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
cd to this directory
Run: ./oipatch.sh /path/to/Install\ OS\ X\ Mountain\ Lion.app /Volumes/USBOrPartitionNameHere
You MUST select Y to erase the partition or the script will not work!

Boot from the USB or partition, install OS normally.

AFTER all OS AND security updates, install the mllegacygfx.pkg that was copied onto the installer drive. If you accidentally install it before doing updates, the Finder will not open!

Notes compared to normal 10.8
Dictation doesn't work
iMessage and FaceTime don't work
Photo Booth lags
Safari image rendering issues with grayscale PNGs - example: http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/council_of_300.png
Find my Mac and FileVault do not work because they require a recovery partition

MacPostFactor for the idea (but none of the code)
random_user_online for inventing the name
tiamo for boot.efi
All the testers (see the About app for credits)