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NexPostFacto for OS X 10.5 on Unsupported ATI Rage GPUs

Current version: 1.0b2 (2021-12-23)


NexPostFacto for Leopard (ATI Rage GPUs)
The first patch enabling hardware accelerated OpenGL*, as well as DVD playback, on ATI Rage GPUs in OS X 10.5 Leopard.

* Rage 128/Mobility only

Supported Macs
Any Mac with a Rage II, Pro, Mobility, 128, or 128 Pro that is capable of running Leopard, officially or unofficially.

Install Leopard using a method applicable to your computer (usually LeopardAssist).
Install leorage.pkg and reboot when prompted.
You should have hardware accelerated OpenGL and working DVD playback.

If DVD Player has sound but no video, this means your computer either does not have a hardware video decoder or has an unsupported one. Install leoragedvdfix.pkg to make it work using software decoding.

Caveats compared to official 10.5
Some uses of OpenGL, such as Finder Cover Flow, show graphical glitches.
3D-rendered content may appear darker than on OS X 10.4.
Other GPUs will most likely not work when this patch is installed.

Apple for including working Rage drivers in 10.5 beta build 9A343
lexploitdev for inventing the name
All the testers (see the About app for credits)