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OLPC XO Activities

My OLPC XO activities are no longer supported and will receive no further updates.

Radio (2011)

Player for MP3, M3U, and PLS files. Supports loading from USB drives, SD cards, and the Journal.

Tested with OLPC OS 10.1.0 and higher. Not compatible with OLPC OS 8.2.x. Intermediate versions untested.

Only compatible with 32-bit x86 OSes (XO-1 and 1.5).
The play button doesn't work the first time it is paused.

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Time Lapse Photo (2009)

Makes the XO webcam take photos at a defined interval, allowing a time lapse to be created. It saves the photos to the Journal.

Based on example code from the Pippy activity.

Tested with OLPC OS 10.1.x only. Not compatible with OLPC OS 8.2.x or 13.2.x. Intermediate versions untested.

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